The Paladin Experience


You can set up your system using your own company terminology. Use your own words and layout the way you want.



The user has control of many aspects of this system. Paladin is so easy and flexible to set up. It allows you to do business the way you do business. You do not have to rely on us to make changes.



Our development and sales team is composed of experienced die makers. Over 142 years of experience in the industry.



Paladin personnel know that the future of our success is directly related to the quality of service that we provide. We pride ourselves on great service. We are partners.



Paladin integrates smoothly with QuickBooks to allow for automated invoicing. It utilizes Crystal Reports for creating and printing custom tickets and reports.


Web Based

The web based portion of Paladin allows our partner's clients to login and process their own quotes and orders. They can also see in real time the status of their orders. With turn around times getting shorter and shorter, this reduces the amount of time it takes to acquire information. This is the future of order entry.

Inventory Control
Paladin allows you to create purchase orders, receive and relieve inventory against orders as they are completed and shipped. Paladin integrates with QuickBooks to update inventory values, create bills for paying purchase order invoices, and maintaining vendor information.